Sunstone Pendulum

  • One (1) pendulum
  • Color & appearance may vary slightly as they are all unique natural stones 
  • Dimensions vary between 1.5" to 2" in length

A joyful stone that emits a positive and nurturing energy. It encourages our truth and authenticity to shine through. It help remove hooks that are caught in our auras, and provides strength to say “no” more often. Sunstone strengthens our sense of self-empowerment and helps dissolve heavy procrastination.

What's a Pendulum?
Pendulums are used as a tool to enhance intuition by accessing the subtle energy in our bodies. It is made from a weighted object that hangs at the end of a rope, string, or chain that, once calibrated, can help you find answers within your subconscious. A pendulum comes in extremely useful for those times when our minds are overly cluttered and and we need to find clear answers or guidance to follow.