Sacred Space Bundle

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  • Bundle includes 3 items: one (1) piece of selenite, one (1) piece of black tourmaline, and a bundle of Palo Santo wood.
  • Shape and size of selenite stick and black tourmaline chunk vary.
  • Palo Santo bundle comes with three (3) pieces of wood, 3-4" in length.

Item description 

Palo Santo (aka holy wood): When burned, the smoke purifies surroundings, cleanses energy and has therapeutic healing properties. 1 small stick can last a few months, depending on number usages. 

Selenite stick: The high vibration stone is a powerful disperser and stabilizer of emotions and energy. It is a wonderful tool for creating a protective grid around a home, and ensures a peaceful environment. Selenite is a soft mineral, and should be kept dry. 

Black Tourmaline: The most effective blocker of negative energy, curses, psychic attack and ill-wishing. It protects against electromagnetic smog, clears blockages in the body, dispersing tension and stress, and increases physical vitality.

How do use:

Proceed ritual in this order: Palo Santo (purify, cleanse and heal), Selenite wand (protect) and then Black Tourmaline (block negative energy).

Palo Santo: Hold at 45 degree angle, light one end of the stick, allow flame to climb an inch and then blow out. Contour a body with the smoke, or walk around home/space to spread the smoke while repeating the words "purify, cleanse and heal." Extinguish embers by pressing stick into ceramic or glass bowl. 

Selenite stick: Walk around home pointing Selenite towards the walls to create a protective grid, ensuring a peaceful environment. 

Black Tourmaline: Walk around home with Black Tourmaline to block any and all incoming negative energy.

Once ritual is completed, place all items in center of home (or main living space) to ensure a balanced atmosphere.