Lapis Lazuli Pendulum

  • One (1) pendulum
  • Color & appearance may vary slightly as they are all unique natural stones 
  • Dimensions vary between 1.5" to 2" in length

Lapis Lazuli is key to spiritual attainment. It enhances metaphysical abilities and strengthens personal and spiritual power. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of serenity, harmony and balance. It’s a powerful thought amplifier. It attracts truth and honesty, helps accept what is.

What's a Pendulum?
Pendulums are used as a tool to enhance intuition by accessing the subtle energy in our bodies. It is made from a weighted object that hangs at the end of a rope, string, or chain that, once calibrated, can help you find answers within your subconscious. A pendulum comes in extremely useful for those times when our minds are overly cluttered and and we need to find clear answers or guidance to follow.