Rebirth Program

Rebirth — an 8-week journey towards healing and self-actualization

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It's impossible to change or erase our past, but we can heal our wounds and traumas so that we can find joy, peace, and freedom within ourselves today. Our unhealed wounds from years ago manifested undesirable situations, toxic environments, shitty jobs, health issues and manipulative relationships, in attempt to catch our attention. But we are culturally taught to see life's happenings from a very superficial perspective and not from the root. 

Want the no bullshit, truth telling version of this? By further prolonging (read: ignoring) your healing, you're encouraging the universe to level up it's manifestations to make you even more uncomfortable — I bet you know exactly what I'm talking about. The sooner you start doing your shadow work, the sooner you can live free from daily triggers, negative energies, and burn out. 

And this is how the program was born. Rebirth is an 8-week 1:1 coaching program to consciously and safely, start releasing unhealthy attachments, old patterns and limiting beliefs to move towards the life we know that we deserve. 

We deserve to be loved, seen, heard — and it all starts with giving exactly that to our younger selves. 

With a commitment to our own growth, we'll witness the magic/miracles/manifestations that we are rewarded with when we do our deep soul work. We will naturally attract the loving, supportive and trustworthy relationships into our lives, a stable career that we're passionate about, a healthy mind and body free of dis-ease, and a renewed vitality and vigor for waking up each day. 

This program is not for the faint of heart. It's for those who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. For those who are fed up of games, bullshit and running around in circles. Those who are ready for change... and are ready to change. 

Give yourself a chance to start fresh — rebirth yourself.  

What you'll experience & gain: 

🦋 Transform old patterns and beliefs to find freedom

💫 Access deeper realms of self-healing

👁 Increase self-awareness to focus on the bigger picture and release attachments

⚡️ Experience self-actualization and empowerment to make much needed life changes

Why I created this program

The most profound healings I have experienced was when I connected directly to my inner child, teenager and unborn soul. 

I could tell you a dozen stories of when I've returned to myself at several ages, but the most impactful was when I returned (multiple times) to the darkest moment of my life — when I was 16 years old and was contemplating suicide a month before graduating high school. 

At the time I found myself hanging out with bad influences, self-sabotaging in the worst ways, and even binge drinking — I went into an anger and resentment-filled state. Upon graduating I created a new persona, Beckii, to protect myself from the emotional pain I endured from years of feeling unseen, unheard, misunderstood, and above all, lost. 

Moving into my early 20's, I became a chronic people pleaser — at work, in all relationships, and every area of my life. At the root, I just wanted to be loved, seen, heard and supported just as I was. 

After years of unconsciously forcing people and situations to fit the picture in my head, I finally surrendered control. I soon found myself on an intensive spiritual journey where the universe was purposely triggering me through very specific people and situations that were directly connected to my unhealed childhood and teen traumas. This is what led me to do the most profound healing of my lifetime (to date). 

When doing this inner healing work, I started to change and transform my life in the most meaningful of ways. I saw events from a higher perspective and with absolute clarity. I found myself more focused, determined, and open and aware than ever before. I suddenly felt like I had a purpose and wasn't meant to just be wandering my way through life half awake — it felt like my inner flame was relit. 

With this rebirth, I committed to follow through in releasing what is no longer serving me and make the radical and aligned changes that I required to fulfill my life purpose — guiding you through your own inner labyrinth towards healing and self-actualization. 

The Program

The 8-week program was inspired by the major arcana's of Tarot. Each week we will work with and embody the energy of the major arcanas, which represent the archetypes of the human consciousness — they are the themes that both hold us back & set us free.

Week 1: The Conscious & Subconscious — The Fool
Week 2: The Wild Unknown — Moon & Hanged Man
Week 3: The Roots — Tower & Devil
Week 4: The Release — Judgement & Death
Week 5: The Healer — Strength & The Hermit
Week 6: The Rebirth — Empress & High Priestess
Week 7: The Visionary — Emperor & The World
Week 8: The Alchemist — Magician 

What's included?

1️⃣ Weekly 60-90 minute private sessions
2️⃣ An energy healing session with Pina (in-person or remote) 
3️⃣ Energetic practices & aligned habits to empower you
4️⃣ Perks & goodies 

Humble brags

"Rebecca’s support is something I rely on for insight, grounding and direction. More than just a nudge in the right direction, it always helps me reconnect with my own inner resources, positivity and strength, empowering me to be the best version of myself as a woman, friend, partner and entrepreneur. She’s opened up a connection to my inner self and the universe at large that I can’t thank her enough for 😊💕"

— Martina Buchal, International Leadership Coach & Award-Winning Speaker


"I’ve been seeing Rebecca professionally for about a year now and it’s honestly been life changing. We’ve done spiritual guidance, life coaching, readings, workshops and rituals. All these helped me realize my own self worth, confidence, self respect, owning my voice, my personal growth and so much more. Ultimately she’s guided and coached me to show up for myself. I highly recommend working with her."

— Maria-Anna Mavrokefalos, Dance Coach, Actor & Model