6" Cedar Smudge Wand

  • Cedar smudge stick
  • 100% cotton thread
  • Size: medium (6")

The smoke of cedar is known to attract abundance, balance and haromy and leaves a protective barrier around the space and aura. 

What is Smudging?

Smudging (also known as ‘saging’) is an ancient ritual and ceremonial practice using nature’s plants for healing and energy clearing. The process of burning sage (or other sacred plants) blesses, cleanses, and heals the person, place or item being smudged. The smoke dispels any unwanted influences or negative energies.

Common Usages:

  • Clear away negative or stagnant energy in a space (ie. moved into a new home, a room where an argument took place, a room that once held a dis-eased person).
  • Release ties to past relationships, to make room for new ones
  • Protection and grounding

The Ritual:

Light the wand and then blow out the flame. Repeat positive affirmations stating your intention, gently wave the smudge stick around your body to cleanse your aura, around all the walls (doorways and windows, too!) of your home, or other spaces as an energetic layer of protection. Open windows to release smoke and then distinguish smudge. Let dry out.